Solution for managing the collection of tickets or fines for assets under leasing or renting

We manage the payment of traffic tickets and resolutions automatically and efficiently.

We know the great problem of operating charges and costs that leasing entities suffer with the tickets and resolutions that come to them on daily basis. We seek to minimize inefficiencies throughout processes and offer a complete solution that helps manage the collection of appeals to the correct person, that is, to the person to whom the leased asset was given and not to the financial institution.

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Vehicle Leasing and/or Renting

Accelerates the payment of compartments and resolutions of the leased asset, saving time and money automatically.

Residential Leasing and/or Renting

We help you manage the payment of rent and any taxes associated with the person in charge of the property, saving you time and money efficiently.


  • Banking 
  • Trust Funds
  • Real Estate


  • Decrease in operating costs
  • Automation of the collection process
  • Saving time and money
  • SIMIT-endorsed platform
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