Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Extends the scope of automation through rapid and accurate understanding of natural language

Automating business processes provides companies with numerous advantages in terms of performance, efficiency and profitability. Many daily tasks require an accurate understanding of data. The data might be supplied in formats that require manual processing and this makes it impossible to process a large number of activities at the same time. High complexity.

The possibility of reliably understanding natural language allows us to convert this data, which we call “unstructured”, into formats that the machine can understand depending on each task. With this, we extend the scope of automation to complex processes that require the interpretation of knowledge and that were previously reserved only for humans.

Funcionario Virtual con Inteligencia Artificial

Our Solutions

Virtual Assistant

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Obtaining Knowledge

Artificial Intelligence to obtain valuable information

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Seguridad Corporativa
Seguridad Corporativa

Corporate security

Separate and analyze data from an unlimited number of open information sources to detect and monitor situations or events that could pose a threat to your organization.

Conocimiento del proveedor
Conocimiento del Proveedor

Supplier knowledge

Optimizes Big Data analysis to discover the risks of collaborating with third parties that could threaten the supply chain and different financial operations.

Conocimiento del Cliente
Conocimiento del Cliente

Knowledge of the Client

It fulfills the requirements of knowledge of the clients (KYC) before beginning the relation with them, using information of open sources (OSINT) to detect any risk in the norms of prevention of money laundering.

Inteligencia de Mercados
Inteligencia de Mercados

Market Intelligence

Analyze the relevant knowledge of the communication channels of your clients and other social marketing channels, to analyze trends and events, competitors and identify relevant business opportunities.

Área Jurídica y cumplimiento normativo
Área Jurídica y cumplimiento normativo

Legal Area and regulatory compliance

Determine how the new rules and laws affect the processes of your organization, guaranteeing the validity of legal documents in any place or territory.

Industries we serve

  • Insurance
  • Financial Entities
  • Media and advertising
  • Defense, Intelligence and Segurity
  • Gas and Oil
  • Public Sector
  • Telcos and Public services
Funcionario Virtual con Inteligencia Artificial
Funcionario Virtual con Inteligencia Artificial Analizando


  • Improves process productivity
  • Less  human intervention
  • Time savings and greate efficiency
  • Advanced Analysis Capabilities
  • More ease and precision
  • Better experience for your clients
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