RPA Solution

Automate the repetitive processes of your company and increase productivity.

At AOS we automate IT, DevOps, financial and accounting processes, human talent, marketing, etc. At very low prices. We show results without having to buy software, we focus on transforming manual processes with technologies such as: RPA SaaS, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and others.

With RPA you will get

Accelerated transformation
Unlimited scalability and low cost
High return on investment in any time-consuming process
Higher productivity

We solve your needs. Where do you want to start?

Processes that we can automate.

Why RPA?

New job positions

Robotic Process Automation gives companies the opportunity to refocus the tasks and assignments of their employees.

Saving time

Of manual and repetitive tasks that consume hours of work, the delay in making decisions due to lack of information.

Cost reduction

Decrease the time in which tasks are executed, reducing the cost of the operation and reorienting the work of people with more strategic and less operational activities.


RPA systems have been designed to generate a large amount of performance data. On them you can define business indicators that are later analyzed to make strategic decisions.


The robots can work in continuous shifts, and they are designed to do it exactly, without delays; increasing operational efficiency by reducing the actual execution time of tasks and their accuracy.

Agility Implementation

In projects of low and medium complexity up to a saving of 40%.

One more step towards digital transformation

The automation of business services in companies.


The implementation of RPA solutions can be as large or as small as the business needs it.


Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • mac

Strategic Allies

Experts in Robotic Process automation that provide efficiency to routine processes in your equipment and organizations.