It enables real-time ID scanning and verification on websites and mobile apps, helping to reduce risk and minimize fraud in online transactions.

Jumio is designed to save time and costs associated with KYC requirements and create great customer experiences. It allows you to authenticate the identities of your clients using your computer’s webcams, IOS or Android smartphone cameras.

How does it work?

Customers select their country and the document required to scan.

Clients take a new photo of their document or choose an existing image.

Optional Face Match: Clients must take a photo of their face. His facial features correspond to the captured document

The images provided are uploaded and verified by Jumio.

Some advantages

Excellent User Experience
Provides an intuitive and satisfying user experience that only takes less than a minute to complete
Cost Savings
Jumio validates and extracts ID information at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.
All data is transmitted using 256-bit encryption complying with strict 24/7 system monitoring standards.
Our service works 24/7 and verifies six different types of documents issued by more than 90 countries.
Reduce risk of fraud
Documents are scanned and validated using our proprietary computer vision technology. If the scanned document is fake or tampered with, we will catch it.
Each successful scan is Jumio Certified® and you are provided with digital documentation to meet the requirements of your business process.