Smart payroll management

Being the payment of payrolls a manual and exhausting process but of vital importance within companies, with our Blockchain platform we can automate up to 95% of this type of process. Overtime (times sheets), types of contracts, payment management, all in one intelligent platform that reduces the burden and administrative time substantially.

Centralized and immutable information with profiles that allow viewing the relevant information for each actor.


  • Timesheets: Hours / day / months worked
  • Hours to work / How much is paid per hour / day
  • Type of contract you have
    • Wallet with $ available
    • Option to transfer money or send remittance
    • Withdrawal of money
    • Security deposits
    • Money to enter the account in the future

Admin / Manager

  • Can control Finance Partner
  • Manage payments
  • To users / employees
  • User Logins

Finance Partner

  • You can see the security deposits
  • Local and international currency
  • Scheduled payroll