Enterprise Gamification Solution

We implement game dynamics through trivia that allow motivating employees and increasing their level of knowledge.

Employees and the general sales force need to constantly train themselves about the company and  the product information, in order to minimize the learning curve and to obtain better results. It is proven that people retain 40% of knowledge when they do it through games and in a dynamic and fun way, that’s why business gamification is important.

Our Solution

It is an E-learning platform, with it you can create, manage and use trivia business games focused on your training content. It is proven to increase knowledge retention by 40% in 5 days, with just a few minutes a day. More than 100 million questions have been answered by more than 300,000 employees.

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Plataforma e-learning, con ella podrás crear, administrar y utilizar juegos empresariales de trivia enfocados en tu contenido formativo. Está comprobado que aumenta la retención del conocimiento un 40% en 5 días, con sólo unos pocos minutos al día. Más de 100 millones de preguntas han sido respondidas por más de 300 mil empleados.

Reception plan

Invest in onboarding with continuous training and visualize the positive impact on the retention and productivity of your employees

Business training:

Develop a culture of excellence by training efficiently, adequate knowledge and socialization are key for any employee who wants to successfully perform their role.

Distribution channels

It empowers distribution channels and enables goal alignment to ensure the success of product launches and continued sales.

Employee engagement

Invest in a reception plan with continuous training and visualize the positive impact on the income and benefits of your employees.

Sales Training

Dynamically train your employees, sales teams achieve higher performance when they have the right tools.

Product Marketing

Align sales and marketing teams on product knowledge to ensure your success.


Mobile Work

Create and connect teams from different countries and languages ​​with mobile learning.

Industries we serve

  • Banking
  • Pharmaceutical
  • fashion
  • Cosmetics
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Sports Technology


  • Increased knowledge
  • Dynamic and fun learning
  • Increase in sales
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European leader in the technology industry  with more than 23 years of experience in business gamification, more than 300 clients worldwide.

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