We focus on helping businesses, reduce accounts payable overhead, increase working capital, and provide access to reliable transaction management. By doing this, we drive trust and automation in transactions, lowering transaction costs and enabling instant financial settlement.

ENVIRON saves organizations time, cost and headaches from accessing finance, while supporting the growth of import, export and payment settlement.

 How does it work?

Our Digital Wallet based on Smart Contracts integrated with the TRACK PATH platform, SAP / ERP, warehouse management systems (WMS), air, sea, rail, order and invoice systems, performs even faster, simpler and more sophisticated transactions for carriers , intermediaries and financial partners.

We guarantee cross-border settlement.

Up to 95% automation to provide your organization with supply chain financing and factoring.

The risks and dangers that these assets can have are too many, which is why fires, demographic changes, the increase in interdependencies such as the Covid-19 and climate change play an important role in insurance losses. These losses have multiplied by 15 in recent decades, which implies high risk and volatility for the insurance industry. Mitigating this requires a different approach to disaster risk management.


  • Health
  • Logistics
  • Real state
  • Building 
  • Energy

Some Advantages of ENVIRON

  • Reduces collapses in transactional systems
  • Automate quickly and smoothly
  • Reduces risk
  • Allows instant payments

Our TMS and application has it all

Take advantage of our mobile application for everything from points of interest, quotes, smart load equalization, real-time tracking and tracking, to quotes and dispatch management.

With a FactR wallet , Stellar Blockchain relies on freight payments instantly.

Save money on traditional invoice factoring and accounts receivable overhead with ENVIRON.