All the Power of Blockchain, the technology that is revolutionizing the world

The blockchain or better known as Blockchain, is considered one of the most disruptive technologies of the moment. Although it was created more than three decades ago, it was until 2008 that it was used as the basis for Bitcoin, the Digital currency not issued by a bank and supported without the need for financial intermediaries.

Blockchain is a database or digital registry that manages to store the information in the form of a blockchain distributed among many nodes, that is, participants whose identity is encrypted.

There are 3 types of networks

Private network

Where only those who say its owners access and participate in the distributed network.

Public Network

Where people who want can participate by connecting to the decentralized network.

Mixed Network

A combination of the private and public network.

The great advantage of this technology is its great unalterable storage capacity and this is due to its block structure, each block in the chain contains three Data:

Information regarding the transactions related to a period (grouped in a structure called ( Merkle Tree) , the cryptographic address (hash pointer) of the  previous block and a unique arbitrary number (nonce) .

An example can be that of a monetary transaction to which a unique and unrepeatable code is generated to identify the block that contains it, as well as the code of the previous block to connect them to each other, this is why the information cannot be changed contained in a block, without changing its identification code and making the block continue to fit into the chain, the participants who certify the veracity of the information exchanged are indeed those who observe and update the information by general consensus, only when necessary, in your own copy of the Digital record.

Once the block is completed, that is, it does not accept more information, it is validated and added to the chain, so it is not possible to delete the information without altering the version of the block in which it is located and make it continue to correspond with the copy of said block that the other participants in the chain have.

Blockchain is a transparent technology by allowing anyone to access information without intermediaries, hitherto essential that kept data or traded with them; Despite the fact that, as we have indicated at the beginning, this technology was linked to cryptocurrencies, it is also used in different business areas such as the Health, Banking, Notaries, Logistics, Insurance, Energy and more sectors, using:

  • Smart contracts or Smart Contracts
  • Digital identity validation
  • Data registration and verification
  • Instant billing and quotes
  • Safe and reliable automatic payments


Do you want to eliminate intermediaries in your operation and keep the information safe and reliable?

Blockchain is the solution with which you will say goodbye to your problems, Take the leap and start investing in your company, If large companies like you have achieved real results, you can too.

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