How to avoid losing customers in the new digital age?

For the majority of current companies the challenge is to get new clients, it is said that the probability of selling to an existing client is between 60% and 70%, while the probability of selling to a new client is between 5% and 20%. and it is that beyond the statistics, the experience in the business field shows that it is easier and cheaper for any type of company to strive to maintain and retain their current customers than to go out and attract new customers.

We know that loyal customers are valuable, because they are aware of your content, your new collections and they buy regularly, in addition to recommending your product or service with their friends and family through different digital channels such as Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram, so The challenge is always to keep them active with your brand, creating strategies focused on their behaviors, along with their consumption habits that constantly vary in the digital age. A clear example is the crisis that we are experiencing due to COVID-19, since people do not leave their homes, but rather that everything reaches them because they request it virtually. But why are you losing clients?

The reasons are many, when the problems do not have the correct level of your attention and effort, the clients leave. What are you doing to avoid it? Are you offering a good experience and satisfaction to your clients.

Know the factors to which you must pay attention so as not to lose them:

  • Start by knowing them and knowing that they like it, try to understand their behaviors and their consumption habits.
  • Focus your communication strategy on a closer one, personalize it.
  • Give your clients immediate and truthful answers
  • Rewards the loyalty of those customers who believe in you
  • Make use of existing technologies to improve your care processes.

These are some tips to avoid losing your customers in today’s world

“How to enhance your digital channels in disruptive times”

Directed by our CEO Giovanny Huazá, there you can focus your strategy, guaranteeing a 24/7 service, being relevant at times when society needs it.

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