5 signs why you need a smart virtual assistant

5 signs why you need a Virtual Official

Virtual officers are intelligent agents that are characterized by streamlining the interactions between people and machines, improving the customer experience and operating efficiency significantly, these can represent many improvements in your venture, business or service.

According to Gartner:

“By 2020, more than 50% of medium and large companies worldwide have implemented virtual Product Agents in different areas of their companies”

Technologies such as Deep Learning, Machine Learning and advanced Artificial Intelligence for virtual agents are on the rise, which is why companies are increasingly implementing them in their different sales and customer service processes.


Know the 5 signs why your business would need a Virtual official


  • You are dedicated to Online Sales.

If you are an E-commerce, then you will need a virtual agent very soon. It is estimated that 83% of people who make purchases over the internet are more likely to complete the purchase if they are helped through chat.

  • You want your operations to increase without your costs doubling

If your business is at a time of year when sales rise and your number of inquiries too. Most companies hire more staff for a period of two or three months to cover this demand; However, this may double the costs in the future.

A virtual assistant is the solution, since you would invest your money only once and you would not spend hiring and training several workers in different months, the bot does everything 24 hours and can help reduce the burden on your current workers by boosting their productivity in more than 50%.

  • Your sales and customer service agents cannot cope with attending the website

If your agents have too many complex requests and don’t have time to respond to simple requests, you need a chat that allows you to serve the customer in this first approach, collect their data and solve in real time.
  • High error rate

The managers of the sales or customer service area make a high degree of errors that directly influence the quality of the service provided.
  • Lack of identification of needs and evaluation in specific areas.

When you need to identify a specific need of a client and you do not have a clear history of the processes to evaluate it.

Do not stay without implementing it in your company, it reduces costs and response time, it also decongests the attention lines that are saturated.


What are you waiting to serve your customers 24/7, decrease costs and generate incredible experiences?

Take advantage and boost your business with our Artificial Intelligence solutions, large companies have obtained real results, now it’s your turn.

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